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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 7, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the name he used when he died in 2008. detectives want people to see if they remember him 29 years ago. jackson had a history of child molestation including the sexual assault of two kids in canada. he got out of prison in 1984th same year that kevin collins was abducted using the name dan therrien. he lived a block away from where cribs disappear-- from where he disappeared. >> they are doing everything they can. we had our office right next door to where this guy was. we were there for six months. he was living there probably laughing at us. >> authorities dug up the garage of his house and found what appears to be animal bones that are now being analyzed. >> developing news, san jose police are searching for a suspect would escaped from
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instead by stealing a police van while handcuffed. authorities say the 32-year-old sanchez was arrested on drug-related warrants yesterday. he was uncomfortable when they put him in handcuffs because of his large 5' 8" 275-pound frame so officers did a favor by linking him to two sets of handcuffs. he stretched his arms and slip the legs through the cuffed arms and took off in the van which still had the keys in the ignition. the van was located two hours later a mile away. sanchez was on probation for drug charge but will now likely face new charges for stealing the van. >> san francisco muni officials are trying to figure why a warning alarm failed when there was a bolt stuck in the cable trucks that sent seven to the hospital including the gripman and conductor and several passengers. we were over the scene at powell
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and washington street. the cable car came to an abrupt stop when it hit a bolt from a hatch cover. an alarm should have gone up to indicate something. >> a boeing 787 dreamliner will take to the skies today despite a world-wide grounding of the jet amid a safety investigation. katie marzullo is back from new orleans in the newsroom. this is a test flight, right? >> it is. where are the beignets, by the way? the f.a.a. is allowing boeing to conduct a ferry flight with a 787 from texas to washington state today. the only people are those needed to operate the flight. the flight will be used to test the batteries which are believed to be the cause of a fire in early january that forced the grounding of the fleet. the crew must continuously monitor the flight computer for battery-related messages and land immediately if a message pops up.
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also, the national transportation board will publicly quoting boeing and the f.a.a. asking if the batteries were adequately tested. united is taking the boeing 787 dreamliner out of the flying plans for the month but will start new 787 flights from denver to tokyo march 31. japan has canceled their 787 flying through march 30. boeing's vice president for sales in asia pacific and india says the company will address compensation claims from the customers but only after the aircraft are back in service. >> a deal to create a new air giant is in the works this morning. sources say a merger between american airlines and usa airways will be worth $10 billion and will likely be announced next week after a year of talks. the "wall street journal" reports the two are hashing out the last details right now.
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the new carrier will retain the american airlines name and be based out of texas. american debut add new logo and paint on the jet as few weeks ago that some say was a sign that the deal was good to go. >> president obama will speak at the national prayer breakfast underway in washington, dc, right new. the president is scheduled to address matters of faith. these are live pictures from the prayer breakfast. the president has not begun speaking. the event is sponsored by the evangelical fellowship foundation held at the hilton international hotel and provides a venue for president obama to deliver the first major remarks to america's faith community since announcing his support for gay marriage last may. >> house democrats will unveil 15 proposals for curbing gun violence on capitol hill. the proposals resemble the president's plan including a call for banning assault
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weapons, barring magazines that carry more than ten rounds, and requiring background checks on all gun sales. support is coming from california. this afternoon, gun safety advocates in san francisco will hold a vigil at the federal building at 7th and mission street. in sacramento the senate will announce legislation to close loopholes involving firearms regulation in california. >> the marin county district attorney will make good on all cash vouchers on the gun buyback last month, the $43,000 set aside ran out in an hour and a half and the shot fall is covered by private donations. if you received a voucher, you can redeem it february 15 at the marin civic center. >> san jose mayor will deliver the state of the city address and will talk about the need for new taxes to support city
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services and restore pay to worker whose have seen cuts in recent years to help balance the budget. that includes the police with whom they are negotiating. our media partner the mercury news report that 70 percent support a quarter percent hike in the city sales tax. the council will discuss the report next week. the earliest a new measure goes on the ballot is next year. we the have more in a live report next half hour. >> 4:8 -- 4:38 right now. >> the rain will take its time so most of us can get out before 7:00 we are okay unless you are in the north bay with scattered rain now. the best radar is north of 116ed
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and to forestville we see the better radar return with light rainfalling in santa rosa. upstream, it is a cold system. there is snow in the higher elevation. there is light rain in the lower elevation. the breakdown today in the movement of the rain, the rain is in the north bay through 7:00. it moves across the bay and to the south bay from 7:00 to noon. it will exit the south bay at 1:00 o'clock. the showers will develop toward 4:00. thunder is possible out out of s this with a snow level that drops to around 2,500' in the evening and overnight hours. beyond this system, we have a few showers in the morning tomorrow. there is some thunder mostly to the south. the weekend is mostly sunny with temperatures hitting the mid-50's to around 60. sue? >> we have road work in richmond
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area to powell street and berkeley and emeryville in the right lanes of highway 80. that now is cleared. east shore commute is looking good and at the limit to the macarthur maze. otherwise, we have road work eastbound dumbarton bridge until 6:00 this morning. no westbound road work is reported. northbound 87, the ramp to northbound 280 at san jose, that is partly blocked because of construction. both westbound and eastbound 237, the ramp to 880 until 6:00 this morning. >> thank you, sue. >> people are paying cash for bay area homes. who is behind the big-dollar deals? >> bill murray is showing a new look, the antics of the stars teeing off after the pebble beach pro-am but first the tech bytes this morning.
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>> another itunes milestone, hitting 25 downloads this week. that customs get a gift card equal to 10,000 songs. the "wall street journal" says zillow shows what others have done but shows how much it would cost to you do the same. >> they evaluate the labor involved and the materials down to the type of appliances used, the counter tops, and they incorporate regional adjustment for the area you live in. >> zillow is free but available only for the ipad.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 4:43. well look at traffic on i-80
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moving through berkeley and emeryville, it looks slow there, not quite sure why but those headed westbound have to check with sue to see if that is normal. we have sprinkles possible for the morning commute. heavier stuff, but the rain is steady later on and we will check with mike nicco later. >> students are a step closer for taking free online classes and getting college credit. the american council on education will announce they recommend degree credit for five undergraduate courses offered by palo alto's-based courses which are free but students need to pay between $100 and $1930 to receive credit. the classes are from leading universities including stanford and duke. >> record numbers are buying homes using all cash. a third of california home sales last year were all cash. in the bay area, 26,000 homes were purchased with no financing
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we look to how this is changing the way homes are sold here. >> joe has listed his home for two years and is ready to buy a home in the south bay and has been house hunting for seven or eight months and took all the right steps to purchase a home. >> prequalified, preapproved. >> he has 20 percent downpayment but the four or five offers have been rejected and it turns out cash is key. >> the selling agent told us we had higher overall offer but they accepted an all cash offer because it was close enough and they want add quick close. >> it is new. >> president of the santa clara association of realtors says there has been an increase in cash buyers in the bay area the last several months. >> it is not just first time buyers in the $400,000 range that affects the $1 million to $1.5 million. >> there is less risk the deal
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falls through. >> if you have a property listed with 20 buyers, they will go with the least resistance and usually that is cash. >> it used to be downsizing empty nesters who pay cash but now others find ways to come up with the money. >> they get money from relatives and make it a cash deal. >> people are getting stock options and using them. new found money. they are being creative. they are making the offers. >> 4:45. the first groups tee off at 8:00 a.m. in the national pro-am at pebble beach. well noble amateurs warmed up like andy garcia and bill murray for charity. there was a lot of time in the rough. some spent time joking around with abc7 reporter. >> how is it looking? >> how is what looking? >> the game? i never know what the game is looking lie.
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>> look at that. looks better on him. >> any predictions this year? >> redictions? >> well, early spring. >> obviously, time off from the railroad to play yesterday, reference to the movie "ground hog day." he and the others raised $104,000 for 12 charities. >> early spring. what do you think mike? >> people like that although we need more rain and more snow. that is what we have in the forecast. >> now a look outside to show you what is going on. here is a look from downtown san francisco, the clouds are moving
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in and take a look at what is going on, on mt. st. helena, at the sonoma county coast around the bay we have one of our radar runs with the better ones to the north but they are moving more east to west, excuse me, west to east, than they are from north to south association that is the way the storms move from west to east and the entire line is going to slowly sink to the south. most of us will get through the morning with a dry commute unless you are in the north bay. temperatures upper 30's around napa and fairfield and livermore and redwood city and low-to-mid 40's elsewhere, and upper 40's around oakland and san francisco. to the monterey bay we have temperatures in the throw mid 40's and 37 in gilroy.
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showers develop in the afternoon and evening hours and the next chunk of energy that moves through could have thunder and small hail and mountain snow tonight especially the further south you are and when that passes we have a dry and warmer weekend. here is the set up. cold front comes in, not a lot of moisture with it, but we will get .1" to .25" with cold air behind this so temperatures are below where we should be. you can see the future radar showing up well and as we head through 10:00, 9:00 or 10:00, the rain will move in to the heart of the bay right after the morning rush hour and it moves through and into the south bay by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 and out of there and you can see the scattered showers develop in the evening and overnight and the snow level is dropping and thunder is possible tomorrow morning so do not be surprised if that wakes you up and you can see the snow at mount hamilton.
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tomorrow afternoon, it is gone and out of the here and on the way to another cooler-than-average day with low-to-mid 50's and mid-50's by sunday and most of us in the 60's by next week. sue? >> back to the golden gate bridge where crews are ready to reconfigure your southbound commute. you can see the truck here. there will be four lanes southbound. there is still road work in the north portion. that will be picked up by 5:00 or 5:30. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no issues here, metering lights are off and no problems on the upper deck. otherwise, first reports of an accident in martinez southbound, no further details but tow truck is en route. >> a texas promotion company will file suit today against lance armstrong to recover millions in bonuses it paid him for winning the tour de france seven times. the promotions company paid him $12 million. they want the money back plus
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fees and interest now that he admitted using performance-enhancing drugs and has been stripped of the victories. armstrong has reversed course and agreed to a deal to testify about doping in the sport of cycling. >> the radars will cover seats in the oakland cold -- colisieum on the east side with tarp. some end zone seats will be covered, reducing the seating capacity by 10,000 to around 53,000 seats so it is one of the smallest venues in the country. nfl ruled bans uncovering tarp seats at demand increases for playoff games. the raiders have reduced ticket prices, as well. >> opening day for the new stretch of the bay bridge is less than a year away but some people may not be allowed to take part in the festivities. we will explain that ahead.
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>> bad hair days. most think it is funny. i don't, but it happens. a hair felt down ca
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>> if you are planning on using the richmond san rafael bridge this weekend expect delays. caltrain are making lane closures for new collection equipment. the far left lane of westbound his 80, the fast track lane, will be closed. crews will replace old equipment and drivers should expect up to 15-minute delays. it should be reopened by the commute on monday morning. >> if you have wanted to walk across the bay bridge you can get your chance. a proposed labor day grand opening celebration includes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the trip on foot from oakland to san francisco. 125,000 people willing be allowed to walk before it opens
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to traffic and will be discussed at public meeting. it will be closed for four days over labor day weekend and opening september 3rd. >> today is not a great day for doing something like that. >> unless you are a surfer. >> we have sprinkles out there. >> mike will have the forecast. >> most of the sprinkles are way up in the north bay. they will move south headed through the afternoon. the whole temperature is down, low-to-mid 50's. have the wet weather gear with you and hopefully you will be not caught in this during the commute as it will miss the better part of our areas during the commute. the radar shows the rain and mountain snow to the north with the whole system working its way toward us if you are traveling today anywhere north of fresno you will have rain and mountain snow if you are headed down south, you will around los angeles and san diego, 75 in palm springs and tahoe, we need
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snow, we will get more, we could get up to 3" above 2,500' up to 7" above 3,500' and the winter weather advisory starts this morning through 10:00 through tomorrow at 10:00. >> first look at the drive from hayward to foster city in the flat section of the san mateo bridge the tail lights are headed westbound. it is light conditions. you are looking at 14 minutes between the toll plaza and foster city. no problems here. southbound 680, c.h.p. is onsite with an accident. no further information right now. southbound 880 between 980 and 16th and embarcardero there is still some road work. kristen and eric? >> this morning, nasa scientists scheduled to reveal new details of an asteroid that goes whizzing past earth next week. astronomers will have their telescopes ready for the asteroid which will pass by
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earth next friday. it is fairly small, only 150' across so astronomers not to bother looking for it in the sky. people can get a look at it from the high powered telescopes. >> researchers have found the first case of whooping cough that could be resistant to vaccines which is why we hear the worst year in six decades. a few cases in philadelphia are traces to a new strain that the advantage convenience -- the vaccine cannot stop. last year 18 were killed in the united states from whooping cough. >> having a bad hair day can be bad for your health. researchers at yale found both men and women are affected when they do not feel good about their hair. people may underperform at work and feel less confident on bad
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hair day. >> agree. >> just the perception can make family feel less intelligent. keep in mind the study was commissioned by beauty product maker. >> 4:57. next at 5:00, developing news in the search for kevin collins. after 29 years, what is pointing police to a "person of interest" and his family's reaction. >> on hill new allegations facing john brennan to become facing john brennan to become the new head of the c.i.a. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. we made it to thursday. good morning at 5:00.
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this is the morning that mike warned we could see rain. >> and king tides, as well. mike has the forecast. >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd on storm watch. you can see scattered rain across the north bay from santa rosa north through cloverdale and toward sea ranch where we are finding scattered rain. notice, this is where the bullet, rather, the bulk of it is. after 7:00 the rain will sink to the south and move through our neighborhoods during the mid-morning to mid-afternoon. morning rain to afternoon showers, temperatures around 50 to 53 at the coast and low-to-upper 50's for the rest of us. sue? >> no delays from novato southbound 101 with traffic moving nicely and you get


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